Since a lot of time is spent in the kitchen, whether you’re the chef or the eater, the colors you choose for it should satisfy you and please your eyes. While white plus any other color, or natural wood are the safe choices, there are a lot of other choices that are also safe, if you do it right. Here are some power duo color combos that you’ll like.

Yellow + Gray

Gray in the kitchen is gaining more and more attention. The reason for that is because it mixes well with almost any color. Gray, as a background, complements nicely if your cabinets are black, white or brown. Start adding yellow, such as yellow containers for spices, or for sugar. Or if you have some open shelves, you can paint them yellow for a lively look.

Purple + Gray

Purple in the kitchen is unique, especially when coupled up with charcoal gray. To create a softer altogether look, you would need to add quite a bit of white. For example, white cabinets with gray countertops, will allow the purple to blend in nicely.

White + Black

You can never go wrong with this classic duo. It is usually a better idea for the foundations to be white, then accent the area with black. If you are buying new appliances, you can buy a white fridge and a black stove, instead of buying everything in one color. Find areas, such as the flooring, where you might want to incorporate both colors.

Red + Black

Wow! Red has a variety of tones. If you’re daring and want a modern look in your kitchen, you can use a bright, fiery, orange red. If you want to tone it down, go for darker hues of red such as wine. The balance will come with black countertops, or cabinets or flooring.

Pink + White

Pink doesn’t have to be only for girly girls anymore. For those that want a fresh garden look, this duo will do it for you. Begin this garden journey by integrating pink pieces of furniture, such as chairs or chair cushions or the walls or artwork on the walls, into the white areas, such as the cabinets.

Brown + Green

A mint green color is very in and blends very well with brown. The advantage of mint green is that you can use it with different types of brown. Your cabinets can go mint green with brown flooring, or island table in the middle if you have space. Or go visa versa and have brown cabinets with a mint green background. Either way is a sure winner.

Blue + Orange

If it sounds bold, it is. Yet, when you use a light blue for your cabinets, with touches of orange in furniture such as chairs or tables, they blend nicely. Soft blue with citrus orange also plays out nicely when you have a modern designed kitchen.

Red + Yellow

This combo is popular in Europe in modern kitchens. To make your kitchen appear larger, use more of yellow and accent other areas with red. By making your open shelves white, and cabinets yellow, you can go wild and add red touches here and there.