When we think of color in the kitchen, usually our first thoughts might go to the cabinets and what color we want them in. If not the cabinets, we want to think about the color of the countertops, flooring and walls. But we don’t often think of colors in appliances. That’s because we’ve been anchored safely in the comfort zone of white, and stainless steel. But maybe it’s time to come up for some air and something new but also retro. A colored appliance in the kitchen can certainly have a wow factor! During the late 60s throughout the 70s, colored appliances were more available. Maybe not the best colors ever, but still colored. But many of those colored appliances came and went. Apparently, people preferred the standard color of kitchen appliances, white and stainless steel. Its easy to match a Frigidaire Washer to your kitchen decor there are different colors to choose from like gold, red, brown or yellow       These days, the idea of a colored fridge or stove or microwave is becoming more appealing, and companies are producing more of such colored items. If wanting color in your kitchen but don’t know where to start, it’s safe to buy one colored appliance, and use white and stainless steel as the backdrop. Some of the more popular colors going around: Black: Always the dramatic and elegant choice.  It has an eye-catching effect, and probably not a color that you would want to overdo. A black fridge could be all that you need, with white as a background. Mint Green, Blue Hues: These colors create a great retro look if that’s what you’re looking for. They add brightness to any kitchen, while not being overwhelming. Red: The boldest of colors, different hues of red is very much in. It gives life to your kitchen in the nicest of ways. If your kitchen is basically white, red accents and one or two red appliances will give it just the right twist. Yellow: Traditionally, yellow is a cheerful color. Out of the several retro colored appliances, yellow is one of the surviving colors, as it’s neither too feminine nor too masculine. Pastels: If you’re more into pretty and cute, pastel colors are for you. You can find appliances in soft pinks, blues, greens, and yellows that will add a charming, soft look in your kitchen. Remember that out of all the rooms in the house, it’s the kitchen that needs to be the most practical while also stylish. So if you’re choosing to go retro with colored appliances, envision what the entire look will be. Buying a colored fridge isn’t a very small decision because the fridge is the biggest appliance in almost all kitchens, it will become the focal point.  Some fridges and other appliances are not even in one solid color, but come in a printed design, making that even more profound. Kitchens now can be high-tech plus retro, so don’t miss out on the fun!