Consider yourself very lucky if you have a downstairs basement in your house. But if you don't model it and use it, you will find it just becoming one, big mess of storage. So a comfortable, finished basement can make all the difference in the way you use your home. A basement can be used for almost anything, from a playroom for children to a gym for adults and anything in between. Basements are always a great idea to improve the whole usage of the home and increase the space. With many choices, here we will give you a few ideas on what to do with your basement, and what things to take into consideration so that you can enjoy it as well as utilize it to the max!

What is the purpose of your basement?

That is the first question you have to ask yourself, as you might be considering all the possibilities. People with young children often consider turning some of the basement into a playroom or family room to spend time together. Others might want it to be a recreational area with a pool table, or a place for bulky gym equipment, or a home theater. The choices are many, so don't start designing until you know the purpose of the basement. Once you determine the purpose then you can decide what elements will work best together.

Basement Flooring Ideas

Basements are often quite large, so the flooring is a main part of it. Many homeowners go for a tile or vinyl flooring as other flooring types can be susceptible to moisture. However, don't forget that basements are also one of the chilliest areas of a house, so you might want to consider some types of rugs that will break the feeling of coldness. An area rug can easily warm up the room and can be a beautiful decorative addition. If you do decide to use a rug or several rugs, purchase the stain-resistant kind, especially if you have decided to create an area to be used a children's playroom. Also, use rugs with a non-skid back, so they remain in place and do not slide over tiles or other smooth surfaces. In terms of colors, it mainly depends on just your taste. You can go bold in your color choice to add a piece that pops out. Classic neutrals in a funky pattern also work.

Basement Bar

If your basement is going to be more for guests, a basement bar will be an addition you can consider. Sleek cabinetry and industrial lighting are hot for home bars. Use open shelving to store items like mugs, glasses, dishes etc. Don't overcrowd the shelves as it's not meant to look like a whole kitchen. A mini fridge in that area would also be practical to have.

Furniture Used for Your Basement

Whatever you decide in furniture, know that comfort is key! One of the hottest trends right now in basement furniture is reclining sectional couches or lazy boy chairs. This type of furniture is essential if you plan to create a recreational room or home theater. Stools are also useful as they can be easily moved around to where you need them. For kids, you can purchase smaller sized seating just for them. Whenever possible use stain-proof material. This will put your mind at ease instead of worrying about spills and stains.

Use Your Basement as Storage

Despite the many ideas for usage, you would need a lot of self control to not use a basement for storage, especially if you have a large family and items just tend to pile up. For storage, do not use any open shelving, boxes or racks. That is rule number one because it will cause a very unattractive, messy look. Closed storage units are the way to go. If this does not suit you, there are many, colorful, separate units, and decorative baskets or closed boxes of different sizes to use.

How to Decorate Your Basement

The decorative part is more about you and your personality. When it comes to color, neutral colors are common in basements because they allow you to work in other colors with throw pillows and rugs which will add warmth. Without colors, basements are drab and dark, so you might like an accented wall in a shade of gray or brown to add depth to the basement, while not darkening the room any further. After you've chosen your paint color, wall art will define your basement. For example, movie posters perfectly complement a home theater. You can put up or frame artwork done by your young children, giving a great feel as a family room. Consider also your table décor wisely. Candles and/or vases are both eye-catching items in the room.

Basement Fireplaces

Fireplaces are getting more and more popular, and the basement is one perfect place for it. Like we said before, basements are cold, so a fireplace will definitely add literal warmth as well as a very cozy feel. On the practical side, a fireplace will also help you reduce your heating bill.


By considering the above ideas, I guarantee that it will help you in creating an attractive and utilized basement. It's a great place to entertain guests, as well as using it often for your own family.