If you know how to use them right, you will find a lot of beauty in old, chipped wood, or a bit of tattered cloth, or rusty metal. These kinds of items give a vintage look to the spaces you’ll be decorating.

Decorating a bit with a vintage style, needs balance between what you already have and what vintage items you want to add. Or maybe you need the opposite, where your home has quite a few antique items and needs some modern touches. With just a few key items, you can change the entire look and feel of a room.

Vintage accessories could include just about anything that is, well, old. The contrast between the old and new is what makes a statement and brings everything together. An old tray with a new vase on it, antique jars in the kitchen or bathroom, a few vintage shelves on a wall, old hardcover books, are all types of items you can incorporate. 

First you need to consider the main theme and which direction you want to go:

• Contemporary décor with antique accessories.

• Antique décor with contemporary accessories.

• Paired, grouped, or singular items.

• The main theme you want to work with, such as shabby chic or maybe a simplicity theme. 

Some ways to incorporate vintage into contemporary, or contemporary into vintage:

• An ornate, decorative French style mirror looks wonderful in an ultra-modern room.

• Try a classic, wooden dining table with modern dining chairs.

• A rustic dining table paired and modern aluminum chairs creates great contrast.

• Modern lighting fixtures shine nicely on antique style furniture. 

• Many houses still have 18th Century French style salons. If your couch or chairs have that look, liven it up with modern upholstery.