What’s in for Outdoor Spaces

Many of us have an outdoor living space, but unfortunately we don't always know how to decorate and model it nicely, even though having such an area is a great advantage. Below you will find some tips to create a perfect outdoor living area, and make your patio stand out and ready for having guests that won’t want to leave.

Colors to be used

Indoors, using loud colors should be done sparingly as such colors can be overwhelming. But outdoor settings love colors and accept them easier.

Some lovely color choices could be: turquoise, mango, lime or some other bright, cheerful color that adds to the beauty of things without taking any of it away.


To show off a particular area, such as a façade on your home’s exterior or another item, use upward-facing lighting. For a cozier, more homely feel, add downward-facing lanterns, bulb lights and other outdoor lighting options.

Lighting for outdoor use is getting very creative, and is no longer just an after-thought. For instance, scattered, soft glowing LED lights in the shape of stones around your patio area can be used, creating light as well as attraction.

Waterproof furniture

Always look for low maintenance materials used for outdoor areas. Obviously, outdoor furniture is more susceptible to all types of weather; extreme sun heat, dust, high humidity, etc. so the material must be easy to maintain and clean. Waterproof furniture will give the place a fresh look with low maintenance, both at the same time.

Fire and water display

An outdoor fireplace will certainly upscale your outdoor patio. Fireplaces could be built-in or stand alone. They are ideal if the overall climate is mild. A lighter option could be a fire pit, which comes in different sizes, and is mobile to move around.

For those who prefer a watery element, fountains create a beautiful look on a lawn or even small garden.

BBQ area for party use

There’s always someone in the family who loves to cook and entertain guests. If that is you, then a built-in BBQ would be a great addition to your outdoor area. The big advantage is that you don’t need to go back and forth from the indoor kitchen. You can simply bring the kitchen outdoors for a fun and easy going gathering.

Because we are blessed with mild weather much of the year, you can make the best and most use with an outdoor area.