Federico Delrosso has been an architect since 1996. Though his travels and research led him around Europe and the States, he returned to his hometown, Biella, Italy. There, from within the walls of a converted textile factory, he develops his architecture projects. In 2004, his work expanded abroad, where he founded ‘Federico Delrosso Architects,’ a team of architects specialized in residential, business and design projects.

First of all, it is our pleasure to feature you again in our catalog. Tell us more about how was 2017 for you in terms of achievements and new projects?

Thank you, it is my pleasure to do this with you again. Well, for me, 2017 was an interesting year as we got new important projects, which we are currently working on:

  • 2 new villas, 1 small and 1 large
  • 2 offices projects
  • 1 residence in Berlin
  • 1 mountain stone house

And we completed the following projects:

  • a dentistry clinic
  • a personal exhibition at Triennale, Milano
  • a permanent installation called “purifying walk” for MAF MuseoAcqua Franca
  • a new product for CC-Tapis , a carpet called “Behind Surface”
  • a new product for Henrytimi , a kitchen system called “trapezio”
  • a new product for Davide Groppi, presented at Euroluce 2017, a lamp called “Hashi”
[caption id="attachment_371" align="alignleft" width="800"] OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA[/caption]

What is your favorite project of the year?

The small “glass house” we are building.

What do you feel is your practice’s strongest skill, and how have you worked to develop that over the past years?

I think the strongest skill is the coherence of stylistic codes adapted during my whole life, which I consider in evolution, and strongly directed to achieve my personal goal to create architectures and design with its own identity and soul. I worked hard on details and to create a team of collaborators focused on the same goal, with passion and an ethical approach.