Decorating Walls Like a Pro

What might seem like a great idea in your head, might turn out to be a disaster on the wall! That's why you have to be careful when it's time to decorate your walls with frames, tapestries, pictures, posters, or whatever you choose to decorate your walls with. These are the things to think about and do before you eagerly get your drill and hammer out. Define the style: Whether landscapes, animals or people, your wall gallery will show what your personality is like and what you are passionate about. A certain theme can come together according to color, or choice of frames.

Make it personal: It's alright to hang paintings or art work you have purchased, along with personal family photos, if you wish. It’s a gallery wall but not a gallery. It's your home, so make it look like that. Start with the largest first: For the best effects, a gallery wall is defined by the balance and symmetry of the items on it. The largest piece is the focus, then work your way outwards, leaving enough space between each item so that each item stands out alone.

Choosing frames: Using frames of similar styles and designs to each other is a good idea, and displays the theme better. Not all frames have to be with glass. Glassless frames can be less expensive and work just as well. In contrast, you can make your wall gallery all about the frames used, by using frames of different colors and styles, or frame-like boxes to feature items in a 3-D mode.

Using shelves: You can either make built-in shelves or ledges or buy thin ledges for your walls. Instead of hanging items on the wall, just place framed items on the ledges. This omits the hassle of hanging, as well as gives you flexibility to change any framed items at any time, without worrying about holes in the wall, since the items won’t be hung. A final note is to arrange, on the ground first, how you want to hang your frames. When it’s time to hang them up, be precise and use a ruler and pencil to make your marks accurate.

Here is a sample of the type of wall arrangements you can make to beautify any wall.